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Program for women professors - Professorinnenprogramm

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Professorinnenprogramm I

Kiel University has taken part in the first round of the Professorinnenprogramm, a joint federal government and states'  program to enhance the number of female professors at universities. To be eligible for admission in 2008 the Gender Equality Concept of Kiel University (in German) had to be assessed positive. 113 universities submitted a concept, 79, amongst these Kiel University, were evaluated positive and accepted to the Professorinnenprogramm. The initiative has enabled universities to provide start-up funding for up to three first-appointed female professors for a maximum of five years. Three female professorships could be funded at Kiel University. Financial resources, saved by Kiel University through the funding, had to be reinvested for further gender equality measures for scientists at Kiel University.

Professorinnenprogramm II

Kiel University also applied for the second round of the Professorinnenprogramm, to once more get a funding for three female professorships. The required documentation was presented in 2013. It showed the progress and success of the implementation of gender equality measures since the first concept of 2008. This documentation (in German) was evaluated positive and two female professorships were funded over a period of five years.

Professorinnenprogramm III

In the third round a Gender Equality Future Concept had to be submitted and was evaluated positive.
Once again three female professorships could be funded for a period of five years. With this funding and a co-financing of Kiel University many measures could be implemented (e.g. grants for habilitations of female scientists, positions for female doctoral students, the mentoring program via:mento_international).

More information about the Professorinnenprogram can be found: on the pages of BMBF (in German)