Central Office for Gender Equality, Equal Opportunity & Family


The gender equality commissioner offers counselling on the following issues

  • Gender Equality at Kiel University

    This includes the counselling of the university board, the senate, the faculties and the applicants for third party funding regarding equality measures, for example in target agreements, structure plans and research proposals. Consultations on gender equality are also offered to all interested groups and members of Kiel University.

  • Jobs and careers of women at the university

    This issue involves individual and strategic career counselling as well as conflict management at the workplaces of female employees' at the university. For questions regarding the compatibility of family with work please see the pages of the Family Service.
  • Sexual discrimination, harassment and violence at the university

    Sexual discrimination and harassment at the workplace is prohibited (AGG §3) and is not tolerated at our university. There are guidelines on how to proceed in cases of sexual harassment, stalking and sexualized violence among employees and students of the university. Affected women can obtain confidential initial counselling and further support and assistance from the Gender Equality Commissioner. Counselling for students in cases of sexual harassment and sexualized violence can be obtained at this email address.

    There is no legal basis in case of sexual harrasment among students so far but there are suggestions for the upcoming amendement of the higher education act. A study of an EU research project has shown that female students are often concerned with sexual harassment and violence, especially because of their age. You will find the outcomes of the study  here (in German).

    General information on the issue of sexual discrimination, harrassment and violence can be found  here.

    For further counselling in Kiel click here (in German).


The colleagues from the mentoring programs support and offer counselling on

  • Career development for female postdoctoral researchers

    For more information please visit the mentoring page


The GenderConsulting Service offers counselling about the

  • Integration of equal opportunity aspects into third party funding applications

    More information on the page GenderConsulting Service


The Family and Welcome Service offers counselling on

  • Generally all topics regarding compatability of family and work or studies, which include:

    Maternity leave and maternity allowance
    Parental leave and parental allowance
    Child benefit

    Work and family care responsibilities
    Variable working hours
    Eligibility to prolong the work contracts of academic employees

    Studies and family care responsibilities
    Disadvantage compensation and holiday semester
    Conflicts with teachers e.g. concerning pregnancy, maternity leave, breastfeeding or childcare
    Further services for students with family responsibilities

    Childcare and CAU holiday program
    School and school system
    Family-friendly campus

    More Informationen on the Family Service Website Family Service

  • Certificate family oriented university ("audit familiengerechte hochschule")

    Kiel University is committed to family-friendly policies and infrastructures. In 2002 Kiel University was certified as a "family oriented university" by the berufundfamilie gGmbH audit. During the past years family-friendly measures, such as daycare for children, counselling opportunities at the Family Service and commissioners for family affairs in all faculties, have been established.
    Read more about the certificate here

  • Welcome Service for new university members

    Information about your new workplace
    Units, Advice, Commissioners
    Training and Courses
    Housing portal
    Kiel University in an overview
    Living in Kiel
    German Courses
    Service for newly appointed professors
    More Information on the pages of the Welcome Service